20161215 - TOPdesk Magazine 20161215 – TOPdesk Magazine “Absolute Power to the Customer?”
Interview on the paradigm shift in Customer centralization in the TOPdesk Magazine, December 2016
20160528-Tijdschrift Positieve Psychologie 20160901 – Tijdschrift voor Positieve Psychologie “Serieuze Opmontering”
Article about the Institute for Serious Optimism and the app ‘apptimism’ in the (peer-reviewed) Journal for Positive Psychology, September 2016
20160528-Combinatorische Innovatie 20160528 – Boek “Combinatorische Innovatie”
Dutch version of the book on ‘Combinatoric Innovation’, published by SMO, Dutch Foundation for Society and Business, May 2016
20160429-Money Today 20160429 – Money Today “K.E.Y. Platform”
Article in South Korean Newspaper about the conference ‘K.E.Y. Platform’ about the future of Finance, organized in Seoul, April 2016
20160414-Byavis Moss 20160414 – Byavis Moss “Bruk positiv energi”
Article in the local newspaper ‘Byavis Moss’ about the possibilities for turning the Norwegian city Moss into a ‘Founders City’ with initiative taker Jan Andre Solvang
20150604 - Golden-I 20150604 – Golden-I “Innovation is about new ways of value creation”
Interview on the website of IT nation on the occasion of my presentation at Golden-I conference, Luxemburg, June 2015.
20150529 - FD 20150529 – Financieele Dagblad “De klant centraal stellen is alweer achterhaald”
Article in Financieele Dagblad about client-centric thinking.
20150528 - Tillywood 20150428 – Tillywood “Serieuze Opmontering voor betere prestaties!”
Article in the Tilburg Magazine ‘Tillywood’ about the International Institute for Serious Optimism.
20141205 - Speakers Academy Magazine 20141205 – Speakers Academy Magazine.pdf “Serieuze Opmontering voor betere prestaties!”
Article in 2014 edition of the Speakers Academy about the Institute of Serious Optimism.
20141113 - Observant Online 20141113 – Observant “Lang leve de Mislukking!”
Article in online magazine ‘Observant’ of the Maastricht University about Brilliant Failures in the context of Entrepreneurship.
220140920-MT 20140920 – MT “We werken aan de next generation bank.”
Article in Management Team about my work at ABN AMRO and KnocoM on the occasion of my nomination of Corporate Innovator of the year 2014.
20130504 - M & O 20130504 – M & O “Briljante Mislukkingen”
Publication in magazine ‘Management and Organisation’ of the Maastricht Network of Social Innovation about Brilliant Failures.
20130919 – Mediator “Elke fout is een kans tot verbetering”
Special edition of the magazine Mediator (for professionals in Healthcare) about Brilliant Failure Award in Healthcare.
20121201 - Boerderij 20121201 – De Boerderij “De meeste kennis ligt buiten de sector”
Interview in the farmer’s magazine ‘De Boerderij’ about ‘combinatoric innovation’ and learning from other sectors.
20120703 - Smartjobs 20120703 – Gids voor Personeelsmanagement “Smartjobs: Taakroulatie in plaats van functieroulatie”
Article, co-authored with Prof. Andries de Grip about the concept of Smartjobs at ABN AMRO.
20110205 – TvOO “Combinatorische Innovatie”
Article in Tijdschrift voor Ontwikkeling in Organisaties (Magazine for Development in Organisations) about Combinatoric Innovation.
20101105 - Inaugural Lecture 20101105 – Inaugural Lecture “Combinatoric Innovation”
Publication of my Inaugural Lecture for the Chair Open Innovation & Business Venturing, School of Business & Economics, Maastricht University.
20100515-Naeringsliv 20100515 – Naeringsliv “På trynet- faktoren”
Publication in the Norwegian newspaper Naeringsliv about Brilliant Failures.
20090625 - KM in Healthcare 20090625 – KM in Healthcare”
Publication in KM Magazine about the role of (double-loop) learning in the healthcare innovation process.
20081215 - TCS 20081215 – TCS “Dialogues at ABN AMRO”
Interview in internal magazine of TATA Consulting Services (TCS) about my work as Chief Dialogues Officer at ABN AMRO Bank.